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My favorite Mexican food

Sonoma Taco Shop.

For real. The number 11. Black bean and steak burrito. I dreamt about this burrito when I lived in Southern California.

It’s no frills. Good clean, healthy Mexican food (they have McDougal Healthy Heart selections). Again and again, I will continue to go there. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

I just wish their website worked.


Furry Critters

Sunday 2/15/09
Sonoma County Fairgrounds Cat Show!!!

Okay, I know. I went to a cat show? Most people are dog people. I like them because I am also independent, mysterious, lithe, agile, and have lots of hair 🙂 When you’ve got kids, you’re constantly thinking of ways to get out of the house and have fun on a small budget. The fear is, they throw a temper tantrum and you have to leave. Or they simply hate it. So, putting a lot of money into adventures is no fun.

One note, since the fairgrounds is hurting for revenue (no surprise there), they are now charging the same price to park everywhere and there is no parking at the Veteran’s Building. I’ve been to many events at the fairgrounds that that wasn’t the case (fair itself excluded). So I had to hit up the ATM in order to have enough cash on hand to park and for attendance.

I told my daughter it would be like the dog show episode on Curious George and when we got there she was like, “Where’s the show?”. Since cats don’t prance around a circle like dogs do, I realized that she was underwhelmed. I on the other hand, take it as an opportunity to see the hairless cats! There were three or four. I wish I knew proper cat show protocol and had the guts to ask if I could touch one. I even thought about getting one but I heard they have all kinds of special needs.

I’ve had 11 cats and personally never “bought” an animal from a breeder. If you have love in your heart and some room in your home, please consider adopting your next furry friend from your local animal shelter. My last one (Bolt) came from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter (love that place!). That same building also houses the Forgotten Felines, an organization that feeds and cares for feral cat colonies.

Anyway, it’s a great place to get all the kitty gear your heart could desire. I have a little girl and everyone knows girls and kittens go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Forgotten Felines display and cats ready for adoption

Forgotten Felines display and cats ready for adoption

My crazy Bolt!

My crazy Bolt!


Friday 2/13/09 ooooohh!
Arrigoni’s, downtown SR

I’ve only been to Arrigoni’s Cafe in downtown Santa Rosa one time many years ago. I can’t believe that after living in SR for 28 of my (almost) 32 years, I’ve practically missed it!

I went there again for a nice “home-cooked” lunch on Friday afternoon. The cold rain led me to try their clam chowder, which I hate to say, I couldn’t eat. Their egg salad sandwich was wonderful, though.

I really like the small town restaurant feel, the cafeteria lunch line, and super convenient location at 4th and D streets. I spend so much time in the downtown area, it will give me another option when meeting clients or colleagues. I will try their soup and sandwich menu items again! I look forward to supporting a local establishment.

Mr. Gong’s

I saw Bob Gong in traffic the other day and you know if I hadn’t been to the SR Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet a couple weeks ago where he was honored with BusinessMan of the Year, I wouldn’t even know what he looked like. My grandparents shopped at G&G my whole childhood and they always called it “Mr. Gong’s” so I always thought that was the name of the store. I imagined them chatting it up with this shopkeeper that knew them well. I always thought of it as the corner store.

As I grew up, I preferred the brand new, chain grocery stores, devoid of any local personality. Now that I’m a full blown adult, I appreciate the great deals and awesome produce. It’s now my favorite store.

When I bought my last house, when of the first questions I asked was, “How close is it to G&G?”

Old School Skate-a-thon

8pm Saturday 2/8/09
Cal Skate in Rohnert Park

A girlfriend of mine had her birthday party at Cal Skate in Rohnert Park on Saturday night. If you haven’t been there in years, you should check it out! Total blast from the past! I had completely forgotten how much power and energy it takes to motor your ass around the rink.

The background on this one is that I used to be a competitive artistic quad roller skater back in the day when Star Skate was still above ground. After I grew out of my old skates, I bought myself a sweet pair of LaBeda quad speed skates ’cause that’s what all the cool kids wore when I was young. They’ve been in the back of my closet for so long, the rubber cushions wore out after I was skating for only a little while.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing about Sonoma County Roller Derby for so long, I hear Tuesday’s is their newbie night. I think I’m going to wait until my new cushions are installed on my skates before I go. Last thing I want to do is get my butt over there to watch and not be able to skate!

Feelin' it!
Feelin’ it!

Latitude Island Grill

Sunday lunch with my husband
Latitude Island Grill in Rohnert Park.

We tried to go to this restaurant a couple weeks ago for Sunday lunch and they were closed!! We read the sign that said closed for staff training and we hoped that wasn’t code for “going out of business”. We were very happy to be seated there for lunch yesterday.

Minus a point for a dirty table
Minus a point for not having my favorite Chardonnay of the day, La Crema available, even though it was on the menu
Plus point for their great Pomatini (which I’m now considering my new drink next to a great Chard)
Plus plus points for their unbelievable mahi mahi fish and chips!!!

I can’t stand fish and chips. My husband is always trying to get me to go to Betty’s Fish and Chips in Santa Rosa with him and I just can’t do it. I hear theirs is excellent, it’s just not a food I like. But just the day before I’d been talking wistfully about the best mahi mahi I’d ever had and there is was on the menu! It was an omen, and I tell you, I listen to my intuition.

Best fish and chips I’ve ever had! The yummy “island sauce” that came with it was delicious and the fish literally melted in my mouth. I’m DEFINITELY going back for that dish. And my husband’s burger was great too 🙂

We’re going back to try their $21.99 per adult Sunday buffet. I heard they discontinued dancing on Friday and Saturdays. I haven’t been there for a night out in a long time. Anyone hear any different?

Henry Rollins Rantfest

Friday 2/6/09 8pm showing
Henry Rollins at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa

I bid on tickets at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce to see Henry Rollins “An Opinionated Evening with Henry Rollins” sponsored by Copperfield’s Books, but didn’t get them. Fast forward 2 weeks, the winner of those tickets emails me the day before (thanks Minna!) to let me know she can’t go. Awesome! Random act of punk.

I bring my very ladylike girlfriend, Malia, whom I don’t think will be able to handle it. She’s down and survives quite nicely. Anyway, the crowd was definitely a mixture of aging punksters, bohemian SoCo’s, and the over 65 wine and cheesers. Really interesting mix of people.

It was very long, loud, educational, travel-filled, surprisingly funny, and did I mention loud? I had no idea that after hearing him in Black Flag, seeing his random cameos in movies, and watching him as a talking head on “Where are they Now?” that he would be traveling the world spreading brotherly love and have a main concern of human rights. I want my eyes opened, tell me what you feel.

Teach, Henry, teach.

Biological on the tree! (doesn’t make sense unless you were there!)

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