The Sonoma County that we love!

Mr. Gong’s

I saw Bob Gong in traffic the other day and you know if I hadn’t been to the SR Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet a couple weeks ago where he was honored with BusinessMan of the Year, I wouldn’t even know what he looked like. My grandparents shopped at G&G my whole childhood and they always called it “Mr. Gong’s” so I always thought that was the name of the store. I imagined them chatting it up with this shopkeeper that knew them well. I always thought of it as the corner store.

As I grew up, I preferred the brand new, chain grocery stores, devoid of any local personality. Now that I’m a full blown adult, I appreciate the great deals and awesome produce. It’s now my favorite store.

When I bought my last house, when of the first questions I asked was, “How close is it to G&G?”


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