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Sunday 2/15/09
Sonoma County Fairgrounds Cat Show!!!

Okay, I know. I went to a cat show? Most people are dog people. I like them because I am also independent, mysterious, lithe, agile, and have lots of hair 🙂 When you’ve got kids, you’re constantly thinking of ways to get out of the house and have fun on a small budget. The fear is, they throw a temper tantrum and you have to leave. Or they simply hate it. So, putting a lot of money into adventures is no fun.

One note, since the fairgrounds is hurting for revenue (no surprise there), they are now charging the same price to park everywhere and there is no parking at the Veteran’s Building. I’ve been to many events at the fairgrounds that that wasn’t the case (fair itself excluded). So I had to hit up the ATM in order to have enough cash on hand to park and for attendance.

I told my daughter it would be like the dog show episode on Curious George and when we got there she was like, “Where’s the show?”. Since cats don’t prance around a circle like dogs do, I realized that she was underwhelmed. I on the other hand, take it as an opportunity to see the hairless cats! There were three or four. I wish I knew proper cat show protocol and had the guts to ask if I could touch one. I even thought about getting one but I heard they have all kinds of special needs.

I’ve had 11 cats and personally never “bought” an animal from a breeder. If you have love in your heart and some room in your home, please consider adopting your next furry friend from your local animal shelter. My last one (Bolt) came from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter (love that place!). That same building also houses the Forgotten Felines, an organization that feeds and cares for feral cat colonies.

Anyway, it’s a great place to get all the kitty gear your heart could desire. I have a little girl and everyone knows girls and kittens go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Forgotten Felines display and cats ready for adoption

Forgotten Felines display and cats ready for adoption

My crazy Bolt!

My crazy Bolt!


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