The Sonoma County that we love!

Latitude Island Grill

Sunday lunch with my husband
Latitude Island Grill in Rohnert Park.

We tried to go to this restaurant a couple weeks ago for Sunday lunch and they were closed!! We read the sign that said closed for staff training and we hoped that wasn’t code for “going out of business”. We were very happy to be seated there for lunch yesterday.

Minus a point for a dirty table
Minus a point for not having my favorite Chardonnay of the day, La Crema available, even though it was on the menu
Plus point for their great Pomatini (which I’m now considering my new drink next to a great Chard)
Plus plus points for their unbelievable mahi mahi fish and chips!!!

I can’t stand fish and chips. My husband is always trying to get me to go to Betty’s Fish and Chips in Santa Rosa with him and I just can’t do it. I hear theirs is excellent, it’s just not a food I like. But just the day before I’d been talking wistfully about the best mahi mahi I’d ever had and there is was on the menu! It was an omen, and I tell you, I listen to my intuition.

Best fish and chips I’ve ever had! The yummy “island sauce” that came with it was delicious and the fish literally melted in my mouth. I’m DEFINITELY going back for that dish. And my husband’s burger was great too 🙂

We’re going back to try their $21.99 per adult Sunday buffet. I heard they discontinued dancing on Friday and Saturdays. I haven’t been there for a night out in a long time. Anyone hear any different?


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