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Rose Parade 2011

Rosie the Trolley

When you live in a small town, you expect it to always stay just the way it’s been. Santa Rosa isn’t a small town but it feels that way. Luther Burbank was an amazing contributor to our way of life, not to mention our place on the map. You can visit his home and gardens if you are ever in town.

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One of my favorite ways that we celebrate his life and the effect he had on this community is the Luther Burbank Rose Parade & Festival. It’s a small town parade that is enjoyable for everyone. Now that I have a child of my own, it’s more fun as I experience it all over again.

A sniff of this flower would get you a squirt to the face!

I know several people that have been involved in the production of the parade in the last few years and it fascinated me to learn that one of our community’s largest supporters, Henry Trione, has a major influence on the parade’s sheer existence. Due to lack of funding, he’s stepped in again and again to make sure that this small town tradition isn’t lost. His one request? Plenty of horses. (see video of dancing horses)




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