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Henry Rollins Rantfest

Friday 2/6/09 8pm showing
Henry Rollins at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa

I bid on tickets at the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce to see Henry Rollins “An Opinionated Evening with Henry Rollins” sponsored by Copperfield’s Books, but didn’t get them. Fast forward 2 weeks, the winner of those tickets emails me the day before (thanks Minna!) to let me know she can’t go. Awesome! Random act of punk.

I bring my very ladylike girlfriend, Malia, whom I don’t think will be able to handle it. She’s down and survives quite nicely. Anyway, the crowd was definitely a mixture of aging punksters, bohemian SoCo’s, and the over 65 wine and cheesers. Really interesting mix of people.

It was very long, loud, educational, travel-filled, surprisingly funny, and did I mention loud? I had no idea that after hearing him in Black Flag, seeing his random cameos in movies, and watching him as a talking head on “Where are they Now?” that he would be traveling the world spreading brotherly love and have a main concern of human rights. I want my eyes opened, tell me what you feel.

Teach, Henry, teach.

Biological on the tree! (doesn’t make sense unless you were there!)

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