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Quiet in Armstrong Woods

You know quiet? No, real quiet. Nature quiet. Sure I hear can hear other people when I’m hiking in Armstrong Woods but the ambient noise is deep. It’s full of damp, decay, moss, wood, insects….life.

No electronic hum. No traffic.


Quiet deeper than you can imagine


Russian River Waiting

All this summer I talked and talked about how I had to get to the river. I wanted to wade up to my knees and relax in the warm summer sun. I’ll give you one guess as to whether or not I made it out there.

Anyways, my aunt and uncle (brother and sister) bought themselves a quirky little house in Monte Rio just a few weeks ago. This morning my daughter and I went out to take a look at the new place. Cold and damp it was but as I stood on the enclosed sunporch I spotted the river, visible from where I stood. I promised that water that I would be there when the sun warmed it up. This summer is the summer of wading! Of sun. Of my daughter getting one step closer to the real world and away from that which distracts us.

To the river!

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