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Bike Expo in the Park

Sunday August 22, 2010
Julliard Park, Santa Rosa
Northern California Bike Expo

I like festivals. Let me tell you why. They are outdoors. There’s lots of free ones. You get some exercise while walking around. You people watch and you might see some weird stuff. Or score a root beer float. All of these things happened at the Bike Expo.

The Imaginists Doing Their Thing

The Imaginists Theater Company put on a really weird play that I don’t know if I could describe it. It was about the loss of imagination. My kid was  a little off put by it but the message was there even if it was over her head. (It’s the Imaginists! Of course it was deep!)

Youth Band from local School of Rock

There was a school of rock band. I had to ask their name but could barely understand the kid when he shouted it over the mike. It was fun to see them having a good time. We ate peanut butter and jelly in the shade while they rocked out.

Beautiful Day at the Bike Expo in Julliard Park

All in all it was a beautiful day. I enjoyed myself a root beer float. Saw some excellent bikes and good people. I even bought some great unicorn postcards for really cheap from the FBUC or the Fun Bike Unicorn Club.

Unicorn Postcard

Check out this great photo album from @BikeSonoma taken by NickGaetano.


Comments on: "Bike Expo in the Park" (2)

  1. Courtney Callejas said:

    Hah! The Fun Bike Unicorn Club? Sounds crazy! Did you hop on any of the bikes and test them?

  2. I wasn’t looking to purchase any of the bikes for sale. Most were out of my price range. And many of the coolest bikes were for show, art pieces. But anything with “unicorn” in the name is auto-cool in my book!

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