The Sonoma County that we love!

Problem Solvers

I love problem solvers. Much of what I do is solve my clients’ problems. I am enthusiastic about those that solve my problems.

I work a lot on the resale/secondary market and met a woman that wanted to buy commercial mailboxes from me. She was very nice, we had a personable conversation, she got a good deal and I made money for my client. Everyone was happy. Never have I received an update from a buyer, sellers yes, but never buyers. She sent me a lovely email telling me about her new business being up and running and the mailboxes were a service she was looking forward to providing in her community, thanks to our connection.

Since that email, I visited the Business Copy Center and have used several of their services. Virginie, the owner, is wonderful. Our first personable conversations over mailboxes has blossomed into a prolific business relationship. From copies, to design, to mailboxes, to office supplies, every time I talk to her I have a new project and she solves a new problem for me. Love it!

We’re constantly thinking of ways to avoid the big corporations these days. Rather than succumb to my old knee-jerk reaction of going to the big conglomerate 24hour copy store (ahem), I can take my projects to Virginie (or email them to her) and she’s got in handled so much quicker and with a “real person” vibe that I am really starting to embrace in the places that I do business. And the prices are great too!


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